The dead and undead fall are tied to a variety of different magic types. The souls of the deceased are of particular interest to the Aracana of the Papess Throne and the Bone Hollows, the Priestess and Death. Ghosts can arise naturally and magical practitioners can summon the undead. Bless-fire acts as a purifying force that can be used against the them, while spells such as the Soul-bind release trapped souls.


Certain areas particularly draw the dead, especially locations of past trauma and negative psychic energy, as well as sites that have been warped by magic. In New Atlantis, such haunted places include Farstryke Castle, Sun Estate, New Saints Hospital, and the ships of the Green Docks. Psychic Imprints. In New Atlantis, Rune witnesses gray and translucent impressions of people and things flicker in and out of visibility, although these do not appear to be ghosts in the traditional sense. At New Saints Hospital, patients, staff, and physical details from the building's past fade in and out.  The events surrounding ships' destruction replay around the boats of the Green Docks. Usually these impressions can be seen by adjusting one's magical sight, although the impressions at New Saints are easily visible. These residual imprints do not interact with the present.

Types of Spirits and Undead

Ghosts and haunts

Ghosts and haunts can interact with things and people. Daytime haunts are usually weak, translucent ghosts that do not have a physical presence and are mostly harmless.

Go-ryos, however, move during the day and consist of skeletal parts from a noble house's mass murder victims. Not dangerous, they instead continuously travel between the death sites of the people making up the skeletal parts. The souls of the deceased can be put to rest with a Soul-bind spell, at which point in time the skeletal composite disintegrates.

Wraiths are particularly dangerous and hungry ghosts; they eat living things as well as the flesh of revenants. Wraiths shed memories when destroyed, and those memories can be experienced by the living.

Los desmembrados is a manifestation made from the spirits of multiple accident victims. They draw physical matter together to contruct a humanoid body out of parts, such as gems or metal fragments. Difficult to kill, they can repair themselves and regenerate their physical bodies. Originally local to Puerto Rico, they spread with Puerto Rican emigrant communities. Most desmembrados have no sentience, although a particularly powerful example in the Sunken Mall combines the death emotions of several spirits, is able to split itself into smaller entities, and uses the death phrases of its component spirits to communicate.

Ghouls: Meat and blood attract ghouls, which can be distracted by 'flesh-bombs,' balloons filled with blood and fat.

Poltergeists are described as particularly aggressive spirits.


Decomposing corpses, wights continue to 'live' indefinitely, provided they feed on living creatures. Blood acts to reverse the wight's decay. They often congregate, but can be destroyed through physical attacks


Revenants are undead bodies summoned and directed by a magic worker. They cannot speak or work magic, nor do they have fully formed personalities, just personality echoes. They fall into at least two types:

Skeletons: easy to raise in large numbers, they can use weapons such as knives, but they are generally weak can can be physically destroyed by using spells such as Shatter.

Fleshed revenants: these bodies feature the rotten soft tissue of the deceased and retain the skills the body possessed in life. In addition to purifying magic, they can be destroyed by piercing the brain stem.

Liches: Although liches have sentience and willpower, and are a different sort of magical entity, they do share some features with revenants, occupying decomposing bodies and summoned by magic users.


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