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The following timeline covers the events referenced in The Tarot Sequence. All real world dates are either referenced explicitly in the text, or are estimated in terms of distance from The Quarantine Minis, which take place in spring 2020.

Events before TTS[]


  • Humans begin to develop satellite technology, the Arcana of Atlantis begin buying up human properties, groundwork for the Unsettlement of Nantucket begins.[1]


  • April 12, 1961 - cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin discovers the island of Atlantis from orbit. The Arcana remove the island's disguising spells and introduce themselves to the human world.[2]
  • The Atlantean World War begins soon after.[1] Fallout zones of magical radiation develop in Poland and the Pacific North West of the USA.
  • Mid to Late 1960s - the Atlantean World War ends after the signing of a peace treaty with humans.




  • August 10, 1983 - Brandon “Brand” Saint John is born in Boston[4][5]
  • August 21, 1983 - Rune Saint John is born in New Atlantis[4][5]
  • August-December, 1983 - Lord Sun hosts a gala at Sun Estate where a prophecy is spoken over Rune's crib, often translated as "He will be the most beautiful man of his generation" (this gala is predicted, but not confirmed, to have taken place on 23 September - the Autumn Equinox in 1983).[6] Rune and Brand are bonded as companions shortly after birth and after the prophecy is spoken[6][4]
  • Early-Mid 1980s - Lord Magician purchases the Worcester Center Galleria shopping mall and attempts to translocate it from Massachusetts to New Atlantis,[7] but the mall ends up sunken deeply underwater instead.[8] Newspapers at the time celebrate the 15th anniversary of the peace treaty that ended the Atlantean World War.[9]


  • 1999 - The Sun Throne falls in an unsanctioned raid, Lord Sun is killed, Rune St John is assaulted. Rune and Brand enter Lord Tower’s service for 10 years in exchange for protection[10][5]



Events within TTS[]

July 2019 - Events of “The Last Sun” take place[]

  • Day -7 - Christian is hospitalised
    • Christian St Nicholas is admitted to hospital with a mystery illness, having been poisoned by Ashton[17]
  • Day -1 - Addam is kidnapped
    • Evening - Addam St Nicholas is kidnapped from his offices[18]
  • Day 0 - Raid on the Lovers’ Court
    • Daytime - Addam fails to appear at a work meeting, Lord Tower becomes concerned[18]
    • Nighttime - Rune and Brand take part in a sanctioned raid on The Lovers’ court as part of Lord Tower’s raiding party, where Rune is captured by Lady Lovers. Max is delivered to Half House[19]
  • Day 1 - Lord Tower asks Rune to find Addam, Rune begins his investigation
    • Afternoon - Rune is tasked with locating Addam St Nicholas for Lord Tower. Rune, Brand and Max visit Addam’s offices, where they discover that Addam was kidnapped and Rune and Brand question Addam’s business partners. Rune and Max are attacked by a gargoyle when they try to leave but are saved by Brand, with Quinn’s help[20]
  • Day 2 - Rune and Brand continue investigating, despite repeated attacks
    • Morning - Rune, Brand and Max go to The Enclave to question Addam’s family, Rune begins to suspect Ella Saint Nicholas. Rune is attacked by a water elemental and Lord Tower urges Rune to speed up his investigation[21]
    • Evening - Rune and Brand attempt to visit Christian St Nicholas at the hospital. Rune meets Quinn, who tries to help him and gives him a sigil. Rune and Quinn run into Ashton Saint Gabriel. Rune, Brand, Quinn and Ashton are attacked. Quinn is injured and left comatose. Rune, Brand and Ashton flee but are pursued by recarnates and meet Rurik[22]
    • Nighttime - Rune, Brand and Max go to Cubic Dreams to meet with Ciaran on Quinn’s advice. Ciaran offers his help as a favour to Quinn[23]
  • Day 3 - Rune rescues Addam, Lord Tower reveals the true extent of the crisis
    • Dawn, c.05:00 - Rune and Ciaran rescue Addam from Farstryke Castle, Ciaran urges Rune to report to Lord Tower[24]
    • c.06:00 - At Addam’s condo, Rune, Brand and Addam find evidence that Addam’s kidnap was meant to look like he’d disappeared while travelling. Addam concludes that his kidnappers intended to kill him eventually and takes over Rune and Brand’s contract. Addam discovers that Quinn has been hurt[25]
    • Morning, before 08:00 - Addam visits Quinn in the hospital, accompanied by Rune and Brand. They run into Michael St Talbot and Ella St Nicholas in quick succession, leading Rune to believe that they are in a clandestine relationship[25]
    • Morning, c.09:00 - Rune, Brand and Addam are attacked on their way to Lord Tower, but are protected by members of the Dagger Throne once they reach the Pac Bell. Lord Tower tells them they’re facing a Lich and recounts his previous experience with Lichkind. Everyone rests[26]
    • Evening - Everyone has dinner with Lord Tower and Addam continues to flirt with Rune. Lord Tower explains his plan to destroy Rurik, leading to a confrontation with Brand. Rune prepares for the Westlands while Brand and Max prepare to fight the recarnates. Lord Tower warns Rune about the Arcanum’s back-up protocols to destroy Rurik, should their plans fail. Rune confronts Lord Tower about his past treatment of Brand[27]
  • Day 4 - Rune and Addam head into the Westlands and face Rurik
    • Dawn - Rune and Addam enter the Westlands, heading for the Moral Certainties’ compound. Their progress is slowed by a snowstorm and by Rurik, who destroys Addam’s sigils. Rurik separates Rune and Addam and attacks Rune, who is saved by Addam. Rune’s presence interacts with Addam’s aspect, leading Addam to believe that they are Tallas[28]
    • Daytime - Addam leads Rune to the Hierophant’s compound, where they seek refuge to wait out the storm. While there, they discover that the Hierophant is training a soldier from the terracotta army. Addam tells Rune that he believes they’re Tallas, which Rune rejects. Rune lends Addam 3 of his sigils[29]
    • Nighttime - Rune and Addam spend the night at the Hierophant’s compound and have sex in the shower. Rune allows himself to fall asleep in Addam’s arms and is visited in dreams by Ciaran and then Quinn, who gives him instructions for the next day[29][30]
  • Day 5 - Rune defends the Moral Certainties’ compound, Rurik and Ashton are defeated
    • c.08:00 - Rune and Addam leave the Hierophant’s compound and are attacked by Rurik again. Brand saves them both and temporarily defeats Rurik. Rune and Brand reunite, Addam thanks Brand and the three of them finally make it to the Moral Certainties’ compound where they meet Ciaran and Max. While in the shower, Brand and Addam bond over how to help Rune[30][31]
    • Morning - Rune, Brand and Addam begin investigating Moral Certainties scions. They find Michael St Talbot dead but Ella St Nicholas alive, having been protected by Michael. A wounded Geoffrey St Talbot arrives, accuses Ashton St Gabriel of plotting everything, and partially confesses his own involvement. Ashton deactivates the compound’s wards with the intention of killing everyone inside. Rune uses his mass sigil to create a barrier, hoping to protect the staff until Lord Tower can arrive[31][32]
    • Late Morning - Brand organises the staff for a siege, while Rune gets Addam and Geoffrey ready to defend the staff. Rune, Brand, Addam and Ciaran defend the compound from recarnates and draugs. When both Max and Brand are injured, and the group is in danger of being overrun, Rune unknowingly uses the Arcana Majeure to break Ashton’s weather spell. Rune confronts Geoffrey about his cowardice[33][32]
    • Late Morning/Early Afternoon - With time running out Rune drops the barrier and faces the recarnates alone, destroying about half of the army with his mass sigil and fire before Lord Tower arrives to finish them off. With Brand now healed, Rune, Brand, Addam, Lord Tower and Mayan move to the basilica where they confront Rurik and Ashton. Ella arrives to avenge Michael by killing Ashton, but is unable to do so. Ashton taunts Rune into killing him and Rune does so, collapsing the basilica on top of everyone inside. Lord Tower defeats Rurik and manages to prevent Rune’s spell from killing anyone but Ashton[33]
  • c.Day 12 - Quinn visits Rune
    • Daytime - Max tells Rune and Brand about his arranged marriage to The Hanged Man, Rune and Brand assure him that they won’t let it go ahead. Rune goes his secret apartment in Lepercon, where he is visited by Quinn and Diana St Nicholas. Rune confronts Quinn about using Max as a shield in the Westlands and tells him that he’s not old enough to understand the forces he’s playing with. Rune decides to help Quinn by encouraging him to seek help to mute his visions and inviting him to a BBQ the next day. Once alone, Rune reveals his investigation into the fall of his court 20 years earlier and adds Ashton St Gabriel to his notes[13]
  • c.Day 13 - Half House BBQ
    • Afternoon - Rune and Brand host a BBQ at Half House, which Rune finds surprisingly enjoyable. Rune blackmails Geoffrey St Talbot and Lord Hermit visits Rune. Max and Quinn begin to bond. Addam and Rune discuss their relationship so far, Addam thanks Rune for including Quinn in his life and vows to begin their formal courtship the next day[13]

July-August 2019[]

  • Addam and Quinn move into Addam’s condo[34], Addam begins distancing himself from the Crusader Throne[35]

July-September 2019[]

  • Quinn begins taking medicine to mute his visions[34], which doesn’t work.[36] Max and Quinn start working on techniques to interpret Quinn’s visions safely.[36] Max hides letters summoning him to The Gallows[37]

Mid-Late September 2019 - Events of "The Sunken Mall" take place[]

  • Day 1 - Rune adapts to dating[34]
    • Evening - Rune goes on a date with Addam, where the crowd and comments of other diners make him uncomfortable. Rune admits that he’s nervous about being in a relationship. Rune impresses the other diners with powerful magic, intimidates the rudest diners into silence and enjoys his evening with Addam. Once home, Rune realises that Max still doesn’t feel truly welcome in Half House
  • Day 2 - Brand and Rune attempt last minute holiday shopping and make plans[7]
    • Daytime - Rune and Brand decide to buy Equinox gifts for Max. Both of them quickly find the crowds overwhelming and they abandon their plan, deciding that locating a buried treasure hoard mentioned by Quinn is preferable to last minute holiday shopping
    • Evening - Ciaran explains the history of The Sunken Mall, the group makes plans for the next day
  • Day 3 - Sunken Mall expedition day
    • Morning - Rune, Brand, Addam, Ciaran, Max and Quinn venture into The Sunken Mall, where they quickly find signs that the mall is not as desolate as it should be. During  exploration they run into the demesnes, a community of elementals who have inhabited the bodies of shop mannequins and formed a society within the mall called “Under Atalantis”. Ciaran wants to protect the community from the scrutiny of New Atlantis and help them expand by eliminating a ghost called los desmembrados which resides in a department store. Ciaran warns Rune that he needs to learn to control his Companion Bond, or it will control him[38]
    • Late Morning/Early Afternoon - The group sets up camp in the department store while they wait for nightfall and bonds over stories of Brand and Rune’s childhood. Rune looks for nice clothes for Max. Rune and Addam discuss their relationship, Addam vows to earn Rune’s trust and that he will never push him for sex, Rune opens up about his bad experiences with dating after his court fell[39]
    • Afternoon - Rune and Ciaran awake to find that the rest of the group has been kidnapped, Ciaran concludes that los desmembrados must have powerful mind control powers. They find the others under a geas, Rune breaks the geas with his Aspect and they destroy los desmembrados[39]
    • Nighttime - The group returns to Half House with gifts from the demesnes, Quinn persuades Addam to let them stay and camp in the garden, Rune gives Max his Equinox gift, Brand names their family “The Misfit Throne” with potentially far-reaching consequences[40]

October 2019 - Events of "The Hanged Man" take place[]

  • Early October 2019 - Max begins researching unexplored areas of Sun Estate for Rune and Brand[41]
  • Late October 2019 - Events of The Hanged Man take place, assumed to be around the last week of October[42]
  • Day 1 - Sun Estate Exploration
    • Dawn - Rune explores Sun Estate, looking for treasure and clues about the raid which destroyed his court. He cannot bring himself to enter the Carriage House and Brand tells him that he wouldn’t let Rune face it alone anyway. In an attic Rune finds a file on Brand’s biological family but injures himself and has to flee the resident spirits[41]
    • Daytime - At Half House, Rune consults the file on Brand’s family and is disturbed by the detailed research his father conducted before choosing Brand as Companion for Rune[37]
  • Day 2 - Lord Hanged Man moves to claim Max
    • Morning - The Scarred Man’s men attempt to kidnap Max, Max is saved by Rune and Brand[37]
    • Daytime - Rune scolds Max for hiding the formal claim letters, Quinn and Queenie comfort Max while Rune, Brand and Addam consider their next move. Rune and Brand meet with The Hanged Man’s seneschal, who informs them that the formal notice period of Max’s betrothal has expired and that the Hanged Man will not rescind his claim[11]
    • Nighttime - Max attempts to sneak out of the house but is caught by Rune, who makes him promise to stay. Quinn arrives and stays the night, having sneaked out to intercept Max without telling Addam[11]
  • Day 3 - Rune and Brand meet the Dawncreeks and begin their investigation
    • Morning - Rune and Brand discuss their remaining options to protect Max, Brand suggests using the Dawncreek family’s links to The Hanged Man as cover for an investigation, Rune agrees. Addam arrives to collect Quinn and, displeased with Rune’s attempts to limit Addam's involvement, reluctantly agrees to stay at Half House to protect Max and Queenie while Rune and Brand visit the Dawncreeks. Rune shares his mass sigil with Addam as a sign of his trust[11]
    • c.13:00 - Brand is shocked by the amount of time Rune expects it to take him to claim his throne and worries about keeping him alive until then. Rune and Brand meet the Dawncreek family and begin investigating Layne’s disappearance, Brand clashes with Corinne Dawncreek, Rune and Brand stay with Anna and Corbie while Corinne makes enquiries[12]
    • Nighttime - Rune, Brand and Addam go to the Green Docks in search of Layne and find Layne’s friend Sherman, who directs them to The Hanged Man’s ship at the end of the docks. Tensions run high, Brand and Rune quarrel, Addam manages to diffuse the situation. Rune, Brand and Addam find and explore The Hanged Man’s ship, where they find evidence of illegal magic use and a massacre. Rune is briefly pulled through a rip in time and speaks to a younger version of The Hanged Man. Rune, Brand and Addam question the boat’s caretaker, who confirms that Layne is now in The Hanged Man’s custody. Quinn and Max arrive on a stolen boat to help them leave[43][44][45]
  • Day 4 - The search for Layne continues, The Hanged Man confronts Rune
    • Morning - Rune, Brand and Addam debrief Corinne at Addam’s condo. Max and Rune clash about the stolen boat, Corinne resents Rune and Brand for using Layne as an excuse to confront The Hanged Man. Rune suspects the Arcanum covered up The Hanged Man’s massacre. Lord Tower summons Rune to breakfast and asks Rune to abandon his investigation, suggesting that Max can be protected by other means. Rune refuses because that protection does not extend to the Dawncreeks. Rune mentions the ship’s time magic, which disturbs Lord Tower. Lord Tower tells Rune about The Hanged Man’s mushroom farm[46][47]
    • Late Morning - Rune returns to Addam’s condo and discovers that Anna is a Principality, Rune urges Addam to acquire the video footage of Anna’s powers, Addam has the footage given to Rune. Rune and Brand decide to investigate the mushroom farm[47]
    • Afternoon - Rune and Addam quarrel about including Quinn in the investigation and Rune’s attempts to limit Addam’s own involvement. Rune, Brand, Addam, Corinne, Max and Quinn make plans to infiltrate the mushroom farm[48]
    • Evening - Corinne reluctantly swears Layne into Rune’s service in case he’s caught in the farm. Mayan arrives with a mass sigil to get Rune, Brand and Addam past the wards and criticises Rune for expecting Lord Tower’s support. Rune and Addam reconcile, and the group finds Layne injured but alive thanks to Layne’s necromancy. Rune chases one of the farm’s guardians across the city, losing the element of surprise and any plausible deniability they might have had along with the video footage of Anna’s powers[48]
    • Nighttime - Rune reconvenes with everyone at the hospital while Layne is in surgery. Rune consults Ciaran via dreamwalking, asking for information he can use against The Hanged Man. The Hanged Man tricks Rune into meeting him alone, curses him and forces him to watch while the Dawncreeks’ house is destroyed with Addam’s security team still inside. Rune manages to get a message to Lord Tower and The Hanged Man retreats. Anna breaks the curse and Rune claims Sanctuary inside the hospital on Diana’s advice. Addam tells Rune that he has already stepped away from his mother’s court and that he wants to build a court with Rune[48][35]
  • Day 5 - Rune confronts The Hanged Man
    • Dawn - Rune tells Brand about his birth family, Brand already knows. Rune admits that he is scared about the day ahead, Brand comforts him[35]
    • Daytime - Rune prepares for his audience at the Arcanum, a conversation with Corinne gives him an idea to defeat The Hanged Man. Rune, Brand, Addam, Max and Quinn go to the Arcanum where they meet Ciaran, who prevents a fight with The Hanged Man’s people. Rune claims his throne with Ciaran’s help and petitions for a raid on The Hanged Man’s estates, citing illegal time magic. Lord Hanged Man’s people attack the Arcanum, the raid is approved under emergency powers, Lord Hanged Man kidnaps Anna and Corbie from the hospital[35][36][49][50]
    • Evening - Lady Death helps the group reach the battleship, Lady Death and Lady World are horrified by the extent of the hauntings and forbid the ship’s destruction until it is sanctified. Rune, Brand, Addam, Ciaran, Max, Quinn, Lady Death and Lord Tower make their way through the ship to The Hanged Man’s secret portal. Corbie is rescued and Ciaran agrees to take him to safety. The group briefly falls through a rip in time, Rune agrees to care for the Dawncreek children if Corinne dies, Anna uses the Arcana Majeure to forge a new Companion Bond for Corinne. Rune, Brand and Lady Death go through the portal to fight The Hanged Man, Addam attempts to follow but the portal closes and severs his hand. Lady Death fights The Hanged Man, Rune destroys The Hanged Man’s escape plan, The Hanged Man uses mind control on Brand, Brand manages to stab him anyway. Addam and Lord Tower arrive, Addam disables The Hanged Man’s magic and Rune kills The Hanged Man. Brand and Lady Death bond in the aftermath[51]
  • c.Day 6-7 - 3rd Battleship Walkthrough
    • Daytime - Lady Death and Lady Priestess form an alliance to sanctify the battleship and lay the souls to rest. Rune joins them for their first walkthrough and uses his soulbind spell on one soul[6]
  • Day 8 - Beach Party[6]
    • Morning - Rune meets Lord Tower at the Arcanum where they discuss the events of the last few days, the nature of the Arcana Majeure and the division of The Hanged Man’s estates. Rune asks for the smallest share, which later frustrates Brand
    • Daytime - Rune, Brand and Anna search the ruins of the Dawncreeks’ house, Rune confirms that he and Anna are blood relatives. Rune and Brand discuss Rune’s apartment in Lepercon. Addam and Rune nap before the beach party, Addam shows off his new hand, Rune tells Addam he loves him and the two spend intimate time together. Rune informs Max that he’s being enrolled in Magnus Academy, gives him a sigil and invites him to join Sun House. Max agrees and is renamed Matthias St John
    • Evening - Rune escapes the party to sit on the beach, Rune and Brand discuss their new wealth and Brand’s birth family. Brand is relieved that Rune can’t imagine a life without him

c.November 2019[]

  • Max, Quinn and Anna are enrolled at Magnus Academy[6]

November 2019-March 2020[]

  • Rehabilitation work begins on Sun Estate[52]

November 2019-c.April 2020[]

  • Corinne Dawncreek undergoes rejuvenation treatments away from her family[6][53]

February - Mid-March 2020 - Events of “Tales from Quarantine” take place[]

  • Days 1-15 - The Sun Throne adapts to quarantine with limited success[54]
    • Assorted daytimes - Rune panic-buys groceries before quarantine, enforced proximity leads to Rune and Brand getting on each others’ nerves, Brand tries to care for Rune with coffee and extra lie-ins, Layne begins volunteering at the hospital, enforced proximity leads to tensions between Anna and Corbie, Anna destroys Corbie’s toy in an experiment, Half House runs out of toilet paper, Rune and Brand begin planning to raid their neighbours for toiler paper
  • Day 16 - Addam visits Rune
    • Nighttime - Ciaran dreamwalks Addam to Rune as a favour to Addam[55]
  • Day 17 - Lord Tower sends a gift, Rune and Brand make plans
    • Daytime - Lord Tower sends Rune bracelets to track virus transmission and suggests that they relocate to Sun Estate[56]
    • Nighttime - Rune and Brand discuss their relocation, Rune worries about the responsibility of running an Estate[57]
  • Day 18 -  The Sun Throne relocates to Sun Estate
    • Morning - Addam, Quinn, Anna and Corbie reunite with Rune, Brand and Max. They and Queenie all move to Sun Estate together, Brand mocks Addam for choosing a city bus as transport, Rune and Brand share an emotional homecoming[58]
    • Daytime - Rune discusses his upcoming coronation with Lady Death while the rest of the family explores Sun Estate[59]
    • Nighttime - Everyone has a sleepover on the floor of the ballroom, Rune falls asleep in Addam’s arms and feels safe[60]
  • Day 19 - Everyone relaxes at Sun Estate[61]
    • Afternoon - Rune and Quinn nap in the library, the family spends time at the beach, Addam and Queenie set up a decontamination room for Layne
  • Day 20 - Rune confers with Lord Tower[62]
    • Daytime - Rune thanks Lord Tower for his gift and invites him to a BBQ, Rune bonds with Anna and tries to protect her from Lord Tower’s influence, Anna shoots Brand with a paint gun
  • Day 21 - Rune returns to training, Addam and Quinn talk
    • Morning - Rune returns to normal training at Brand’s insistence, Brand scolds Anna, Max and Quinn for mocking Rune[63]
    • Late morning - Quinn confides in Addam about his asexuality, Addam supports and reassures him[64]
  • Day 22 - Rune tells Corbie a story[65]
    • Afternoon - Corbie finds Rune in the library and asks for a story. Rune tells him an exaggerated version of The Sunken Mall, which gives Corbie nightmares
  • Day 23 - BBQ preparations continue
    • Morning - Rune visits his father’s tower in the estate grounds, where he is joined by Lord Tower. Lord Tower encourages Rune to talk about the night of the attack, Rune refuses[66]
    • Daytime - Rune and Brand discuss the renovations to Sun Estate and check in with Layne. Rune suggests that Layne discusses their trauma with someone, Layne gently accuses Rune of hypocrisy, which Rune accepts. Anna admits to problems with other students at Magnus Academy, the Dawncreeks reunite with Corinne[67]
  • c.Day 24 - Sun Estate BBQ[68]
    • Morning - Addam and Rune discuss their relationship, Addam offers Rune space if he needs it, Rune declines. Anna adapts to her new companion bond, Corinne thanks Rune for looking after the kids and pledges herself to his service
    • Afternoon/Evening - The Sun Throne, Lord Tower, Mayan and Ciaran enjoy a BBQ followed by fireworks, Rune and Brand patrol the estate with Max and discuss plans for the future

March 2020 - Events of “Scenes from the Holidays” take place[]

  • The Sun Throne prepares for their first Equinox party and adapt to living together[69], Rune and Brand begin to develop as parents[69], the adults of Sun Estate go for dinner at the Green Docks[70], Rune frees an ocean roc[70]

June 2020 - Events of “Scenes from the Holidays” take place[]

  • Rune and Brand adjust to parental responsibility[14], The Sun Throne create their new family sanctum[71], Max begins using sigils[71], Rune and Brand start training Max for field work[72], Ciaran joins the staff of Magnus Academy to oversee Anna and Layne’s training[73], Addam and Brand prepare for the Solstice Party[72][73]


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