Thrones relate to the ruling Arcana of Atlantis. They refer symbolically to the Arcanas' invested positions on the Arcanum and to the actual seats in the Convocation hall. The term 'throne' is also used to describe the person and will of the Arcana, as well as the Arcana's court as a whole.

Thrones can continue to exist without an Arcana filling the position; the Emperor's Throne stands empty since his death and the Sun Throne was preserved after the murder of the previous Lord Sun. Ruling Arcana can be removed from their Thrones by the command of the Arcanum; for example, Lady Lovers was removed from the Heart Throne and exiled.

The Sun Throne Edit

  • Sun

The Heart Throne Edit

  • Lovers

The Dagger Throne Edit

  • Tower

The Beast Throne Edit

  • Devil

The Gaia Throne Edit

  • World

The Revelry Edit

  • Fool

The Hermitage Edit

  • Hermit

The Crusader Throne Edit

  • Justice


The Hex Throne Edit

  • Magician

The Bone Hollows Edit

  • Death

The Temperance Galley Edit

  • Temperance

The Iron Hall Edit

  • Strength

The Gallows Edit

  • Hanged Man

The Hourglass Throne

  • Time
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