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Welcome to The Tarot Sequence Wiki, an encyclopedia and community gathering spot for K.D. Edwards' urban fantasy book series! Set in New Atlantis, The Tarot Sequence follows Rune Saint John, the last child of the fallen Sun Court. Alongside his lifelong Companion and bodyguard, Brand, Rune unravels the secrets of his past and navigates the difficult political landscape of New Atlantis, while trying protect those closest to him.

The series currently consists of two books, a free novella and a free novelette. Three trilogies of novels are planned.

Helping out

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Current priorities are:

  • A detailed To Do List can be found here.
  • Beefing up ALL pages! This includes expanding on/adding in info on bio, description, abilities, etc.
  • Adding descriptions to character pages with details of what happens to those characters in each of the books
  • Creating new pages for places, characters, and concepts specific to TTS that don't exist yet
  • Outlining the books on the main book pages
  • General cleanup


Here are the most important news about The Tarot Sequence series from the recent weeks:

Oct 4, 2021

Nov 19, 2020

  • K.D Edwards has announced that a new free story Holiday Scenes from Sun Estate is coming in December. [1]

Sep 16, 2020

  • Listen to and interview with K.D. Edwards on the KT Literary Podcast. [2][3]

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