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The Hanged Man is the second novel in The Tarot Sequence, a fantasy series by K.D. Edwards. It was published on December 17, 2019.

Book description[]

Rune Saint John, heir to the fallen Sun Court, finds clues to his companion Brand's past on a mission into the ruins of his family estate. But while he's still agonizing over whether to tell Brand, a more pressing matter arises.

Rune's ward, Max, is nearly kidnapped by the Hanged Man, who has asserted a marriage claim on the young man. Rune isn't about to lose Max to the Hanged Man and his court, the Gallows, which is known to have unhealthy interests in necromancy and mutilation magics. Urgency will lead Rune and Brand to the family of an old servant, whose own son has fallen into the Hanged Man's orbit. In going to her aid, Rune may find a way to free both young men, but only if he's willing to gamble everything on a decision that will change his life forever.


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: Sun Estate
  • Chapter 2: Half House
  • Chapter 3: Jirvan
  • Chapter 4: The Dawncreeks
  • Chapter 5: The Green Docks
  • Chapter 6: The Battleship
  • Chapter 7: Below Deck
  • Chapter 8: Edgemere
  • Chapter 9: Lord Tower
  • Chapter 10: Sathorn Unique
  • Chapter 11: New Saints Hospital
  • Chapter 12: The Hanged Man
  • Chapter 13: The Arcanum
  • Chapter 14: Lord Sun
  • Chapter 15: Endgame, Part I
  • Chapter 16: Endgame, Part II
  • Epilogue