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The Sun Estate is the primary residence of the the Sun Throne. It is located along a white-sand beach, next to the Lovers complex, about two miles from New Atlantis' financial district. The estate was damaged during an attack on the Court in the 1990s, abandoned, and thereafter it became the second-most haunted site on New Atlantis.


The main building of the estate was translocated from the United States, where it had stood on the shore of Long Island. At the time, it was known as Beacon Towers, a Gilded Age Mansion completed in 1918, thought to have inspired Gatsby's mansion in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. In the 1920s, Lord Sun acquired the mansion, using magic to convince human land developers that they had bulldozed the main structure.[1] When Rune was 15 years old, the Sun Estate was attacked in an unsanctioned raid. The staff and their families, together with Lord Sun, were massacred; Rune and Brand were the only survivors. The attackers looted the buildings. After it's abandonment, the Sun Estate accumulated significant damage from the elements, the resident haunted creatures, and Rune's occasional forays into the buildings. After taking up his father's throne, Rune decided to rehabilitate the complex and move there from Half House. Repairs required a significant financial outlay, funded by the proceeds from the Arcanum's raid on the Hanged Man's properties.


The entrance to the property consists of iron gates decorated with a fleur-de-lis pattern, and a visitors lot outside the gates. The grounds include a carriage house, servant cottages, a greenhouse, and gardens and hedge mazes. An access road runs near the beach, and a decorative lighthouse stands on the northern portion of the estate.[2] The main building is a 140-room, turreted mansion with five stories. The back of building includes a number of patios and balconies.

The West Wing[]

The family suites previously occupied by Rune's mother, Rune, and Brand can be found in the west wing. A shed-like entrance to a steep back staircase provides access to the west wing attic on the fifth-floor.[3] This attic, the smallest in the mansion, is 100 feet long, with a peaked, cross-beamed ceiling. The interior of the mansion can be accessed from this attic via a fourth-floor stairway and a servant stairway. The attic contains rows of cedar wardrobes and three cast-iron chests sealed with bloodline wards. The fourth-floor includes a wide central hallway, with two rooms at either end: a chapel and schoolroom, and a sanctum and conservatory. A large staircase leads to the third floor. 

Lord Sun's Tower[]

Standing among a glade of oak trees, Rune's father's residence is a five-story tower in the southwestern portion of the estate. Each floor consists of a single large room, accessed by a spiral staircase. In addition to his bedroom, the tower features a sanctum, library, and study. Lord Sun's death sealed the tower behind unusually strong wards that have not been breached since.[4]

The Carriage House[]

The Carriage House at the Sun Estate

Located on the estate's north side, the carriage house is stuccoed building with a crenelated turret. The turreted two-story portion of the building is entered through an iron gate. Various furnishings within the building smell like hay and animals. Rune's assault occurred inside this building.


  • The Seneschal, who gifted the seven-year-old Rune an ankh sigil; Rune found another sigil in his bedside table (a metal ring intended as a marital aid)
  • Gregor, the clubfooted stable boy who bullied Rune




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