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A summoning is a spell that draws an entity and allows the summoner to command the entity.

Performing certain summoning spells requires a circle on the floor, defined by linear marks, such as nailed copper strips.[1] Especially significant spells need imbued circles, which take many people working over many years to create; only two imbued circles exist on Nantucket: in New Atlantis' Convocation building and Lord Magician's Westlands estate.[2] Canceling a summoning spell necessitates access to the summoner or the circle that was used.

Spell paraphernalia may include chalk, knives, herbs, or blood. Those who use blood to summon often have bloodletting scars on fingers and wrists.[3]

Summoned Beings[]

This type of magic work calls up a variety of magical creatures, such as elementals, gargoyles (including golems), recarnates, and liches.

The summoner controls the summoned creature, sometimes against the creature's will.

Known Summoners[]

  • The Hierophant is considered the most skilled summoner on earth. In fact, the terracotta soldiers he secretly owns are extremely advanced golems.
  • Ashton Saint Gabriel called up a lich, a very difficult piece of magic that he seems to have completed with help from unidentified "powerful friends."[4] He may also have summoned a plaster gargoyle and numerous recarnates, although it is possible that Rurick assisted in calling up some of the creatures.
  • As a child, Anna Dawncreek summoned a crayon gargoyle.
  • The Tower owns five golems of people close to him.[5] He has also summoned water elementals.
  • The Emperor called forth a large number of elementals before his death.
  • Rurick, the lich, summons recarnates.[6]
  • The Magician, whose Westlands Estate features a secret imbued circle.


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