Quinn Saint Nicholas is a true seer and scion of the Justice Court. The youngest son of Lady Justice, his older siblings are Christian, Addam, and Ella. He is a prophet who sees probabilities.


Quinn has short sandy-blond hair with a cowlick.[1] He often wears baggy concert t-shirts. His frequent bloody noses result from particularly strong prophecies.



Quinn's birth was difficult. Not only was he premature, the umbilical cord wrapped itself around his neck. His heart stopped and the doctors struggled to revive him.[2] Lady Justice, never completely bonding with her baby, had little time for him as he grew. Instead, Quinn's older brother Addam acted as his parent.

The Last Sun

The Sunken Mall

The Hanged Man


Quinn is one of the very few "True Seers". He tends to go on about different possibilities and outcomes in the timelines that he can see.




Quinn's older brother who essentially raised him; they are extremely close.


They are apparently friends, and have been corresponding via dream while Quinn was in a coma.


While Rune has a distrust of Seers, Quinn has only tried to help him. The respect and love that Addam has expressed for his younger brother, however, definitely helped to lower Rune's guard around him.


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