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Matthias Saint Valentine, also known as 'Max,' is a seventeen-year old scion of the Lovers' Court. Max's father is the son of Elena Saint Valentine, the deposed Lady Lovers.


Described as attractive and "pretty," Max has white-blond hair and pale, luminous skin[1] that glows when pleased. He is almost full-blooded fae and can change his appearance to a limited degree.[2]


From an early age, Max was made aware that he was a disappointment to his family and his court. He received little love and affection as a child, and grew up exceedingly isolated, only ever possessing one friend. Raised in an abusive environment, Max is terrified that he will be taken away from what he believes to be temporary safety and happiness.[3] Unused to kindness and respect, he gives his devotion wholeheartedly when he receives it. He bravely defends his friends even when outmatched.[4]

Max is an intelligent young man, curious about the world and with a head for research. Eager to assist his adopted family and contribute to his guardian's missions, he sometimes takes wild risks and finds himself out of his depth.[5]


Max is the grandchild of Lady Lovers. During his early childhood, his grandmother spent significant time with him, convinced that he possessed great magical potential worthy of an heir scion. She placed enormous pressure on him when he was quite young, relentlessly training him to use cantrips and other magic; he still dreams about this painful aspect of his early years. Unable to manifest any magic, Max found himself ignored by his grandmother.[6]

Finding no more use for the child, Elena Lovers separated Max from his parents, although they were both still living at the time. She gave his guardianship to one of her other sons, so that Max might be groomed for a marital alliance[7] with the Hanged Man. Although Max does not discuss it, his uncle kept him mostly isolated and exposed him to emotionally-traumatizing situations, which may have included sexual abuse. Witnesses saw the boy in a collar as his uncle and other Atlanteans toyed with human victims at a Lovers' party.[8]

Rune, Max, and Brand, by Orby.

The Last Sun[]

When she encounters Rune during the raid on the Lovers' Court, Elena trades him a sigil for the safe delivery of a package. Upon returning to Half House, Rune and Brand discover the seventeen-year old Matthias. After discussion with Queenie, they theorize that the boy is the package and that the safe destination is his 21st birthday, the age of adulthood in New Atlantis.[9]

The Sunken Mall[]

The Hanged Man[]

In The Hanged Man, the Hanged Man wants to add Max to his harem of young lords and ladies. The Hanged Man announces his right to move against Max, but Max keeps that information a secret, leaving Rune and Brand flat footed when the Hanged Man tries to kidnap Max.


Magical abilities[]

Max practices functional cosmetics, meaning that that he can change the surface features of his body and smaller physical components, such as the length and sharpness of his nails. He has been known to decorate his body with fantastical swirls of color,[10] and can hide a blush by adjusting his skin's appearance.[11]

As someone with fae blood, Max is sensitive to magic, able to feel, for example, the creation of a gargoyle.[12]

Although Lady Lovers predicted that Max would have strong magical powers, Max's magical abilities are negligible. Because his training ceased fairly early, Max does not use cantrips and does not know how to use sigils.



  • Cameo necklace: A gift from Rune, previously his mother's


Rune Saint John[]

Brand Saint John[]

Quinn Saint Nicholas[]



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