Magic is a supernatural force in the world. It occurs naturally and can be located in certain places, species, and bloodlines. Magic also can be actively shaped and controlled.


Certain areas have stronger background magic than others. Atlantis had one of the strongest natural concentrations of magic in the world, an almost palpable force. The wild landscape of the Amazon possesses "deep and strange magic,"[1] and it is compared to the Westlands, which is itself described as a "physical embodiment of magic."[2] Many parts of the world contain local magical species, as well as regional variants of magic workers, such as the magicians in South America.

In areas where magic is not naturally immanent, an alternative source of magical energy, or "deconsecrated power," is found at sites of past trauma. These potent sites can be imported using translocation spells.


Certain places can confuse or hinder magic, particularly places infused with wild magic. The Convocation's prisoner cells and the Anchorite's court also interfere with it. [3]

Magic can be completely disrupted by: shielded rooms and lead walls, null spaces and null lines, warded manacles, and particularly strong magical boundaries. Coal, coral, and obsidian can hinder magical creatures.[4]

Types of Magic

  • sigil magic
    • Sigil magic is the most common type of magic employed by Atlanteans. It involves storing spells inside artifacts and releasing it when needed.
  • bloodline magic
  • disciplines 
  • ritual magic
  • prophecy
  • wild magic
  • life magic
  • death magic
  • holy magic
  • hearth magic
  • time magic
  • weather magic
  • cantrips
  • wards
  • oaths



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