Lord Tower is the Arcana of the Dagger Throne.

Appearance Edit

He is described as a not-too-tall man in his early forties, with waxy, black hair and cocoa eyes. He had constant five o'clock shadow, fingers like a surgeon, and a swimmer's build. He has a dark complexion and Spanish features. He almost always wears loose clothing and is barefoot. We've seen him in pajamas, a keikogi, and an Atlantean silk bathing robe.

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He once protected Rune after The Sun Court fell, and later would give him various jobs. He has two children, Dalton and Amelia

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Rune Saint John Edit

Rune made him a promise at 15 years old for protection.

Brand Saint John Edit


Addam Saint Nicholas Edit

Addam is one of Lord Tower's many god children. He sent Rune to find him after he disappeared.

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