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Kevan Dawncreek was the head of House Dawncreek, a Lesser House in the Sun Court. Kevan's Companion is Corinne Dawncreek and he is the father of Layne, Annawan, and Corbitant.


Kevan's family has black hair and copper skin, owing to their part-Indigenous American heritage.


Corinne describes Kevan as an honorable man. He had a good relationship with Rune's father; Lord Sun gifted him a china set when Kevin married Mariah.[1]


Amberson House, who owed allegiance to the Sun Throne, raised Kevan's family to Lesser House status. After the fall of the Sun Court and death of Lord Sun, House Amberson likewise fell, leaving the Dawncreeks an unsponsored House. Mariah had medical complication following Corbitant's birth and she died after an extended hospital stay. Because of the associated medical costs, Kevan experienced financial hardship and was forced to seek sponsorship for his House. His immolation skills made him appealing to the Hanged Man, a specialist in death magic. Kevan rejected the Gallows' overtures and cut off all contact when the Arcana began inappropriately pursuing then thirteen-year old Layne.[2]

One month later, Kevan was killed in a housefire started by the Gallow's Throne. His death severed the Companion bond with Corinne, and she raised the children in his place.[3]


Kevan practiced immolation magic and worked for the Ambersons, the House that managed magical studies for the Sun Court. Kevan would pass his immolation magic on to his eldest child, Layne.[4]


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