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Geoffrey is a handsome man in his late thirties. He has soft brown hair and a lanky build. He usually wears sweater-vests and has square-lens glasses he's worn since he was a teen.


He is a serious, well-schooled and proud individual. But at times of crisis, his cowardice will come out. He will try to protect himself at any cost and will throw other people under the bus to keep himself out of danger. He is aware of his shortcomings and shows signs of shame, but he doesn't try to change, letting fear take over him completely. This is infered to be a result of his relationship with his mother. Geoffrey started dating Rune presumably to rebel against her, as Lady Temperance disliked homosexual relationships. However, when Rune lost his court, he rejected him and started a relationship with a girl with a clean name, following his mother's preferences. He has shown on many occasions he fears her and lets her opinion drive his life. He is also slightly naive, having trouble believing someone could be using forbidden magic.

He has an affinity for books, enjoying rare tomes on diverse subjects such as herbology or ancient arena fighting. Thanks to this, he has a substantial pool of knowledge.


Dated Rune in the past, but ignored him after the destruction of the Sun Court.


Magical Abilities

Geoffrey is unskilled at combat magic, having focused his efforts on scholarly spells such as short-term didactic memory or the ability to read in the dark. In a fight he acts impulsively out of fear and releases spells in an untimely manner. Despite this, he managed to destroy a recarnate with a frost spell.



  • Glasses
  • Diamond earring