Ciaran is a Principality who specializes in dream walking and wild magic. He gathers and trades information.


Ciaran has blue hair and blood red lips; his eyes have been described as, "...moving light, like sun on water...".



The Last Sun

The Sunken Mall

The Hanged Man


Magical Abilities

Ciaran dream-walks, has some prophecies, and excels at wild magic. For example, colors and textures tend to change around him.

Visions in Farstryke Castle

Ciaran has what may be foretellings while in Farstryke Castle:

  • "You are only my face and voice, not my Will, and I will have you remember that!"
  • "She fooled us all, like Russian dolls inside Russian dolls inside Russian dolls. The canny bitch!"
  • "Their bodies have been lost to the waves. There is no more cause for hope."
  • "The Westlands is advancing on us, we must prepare."
    • This last may be a reference to the events in the Moral Certainties compound at the end of The Last Sun



  • Bone necklace


Ciaran dress

Ciaran at the beach, by Elsa (@erlij)

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