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Brandon Saint John, also called Brand, is the human Companion, best friend, and business partner of Rune Saint John. Together they are the last of the Sun Court.


Black-haired and blue eyed, Brand is an attractive man in his mid-30s. Intense physical training has given him calloused hands and a muscular and honed build. Very faint scars are visible on his back where he was whipped as a fifteen-year old.

Brand is armed at all times. Well stocked with tactical gear, on missions he wears chest rigs, shirts and pants with multiple gear pockets, knives, and other weapons. Even when jogging in exercise outfits, Brand manages to secret away weapons and even uses garrotes as shoe laces. Like the Atlanteans he lives among, Brand feels comfortable in revealing clothing or nudity.[1]


Brand is confident, courageous, and absolutely deadly.

Although taciturn, gruff, and impatient, Brand is observant and sensitive to the feelings of others. He cares deeply for those close to him, and is a steadfast friend and protector. While he tries to be surreptitious about it, Brand is quite attentive to his friends and found family.

Above all, Brand is committed to safeguarding Rune. He interposes his own body between his friend and hazards, disregarding his own physical safety,[2] with the result that Rune dreads that Brand is too eager to sacrifice himself.[3] Brand feels strongly that his life's purpose is Rune's protection; being separated from him during dangerous situations is particularly difficult for him. Outliving Rune is his greatest fear.

Extensively trained as a bodyguard, Brand dedicates himself to constant training, preparation, and foreplanning. Ever vigilant and watchful, he inevitably evaluates others as threats. At the same time, Brand strives to empower Rune and their charges to defend themselves in his absence. Comfortable with physical violence, sometimes Brand is unconcerned with collateral damage in his single-minded focus on Rune's safety.[4]

Brand is a motivated morning person, to the despair of his housemates. His sense of humor can be sarcastic and sharp. He bluntly says what he thinks, with little time for niceties. Sometimes he acts hotheaded and impertinent, especially in the presence of self-important scions and arrogant Arcana. He has mastered the art of eyerolling, and feels free to lay down the law when Rune or Max get snarky.


Born to a large Irish American family in Boston, Brand was one of several sons. Before his birth, Lord Sun had extensively researched the physical, mental, and personal histories of Brand's male relatives, going back three generations.[5] Lord Sun then purchased the infant Brand and magically bound him as Rune's Companion. The boys were raised together from that point onward.

Brash and fearless, Brand began looking out for Rune at a young age. His first true defense of Rune involved Gregor the stable boy, who bullied the younger Rune; Brand remembers this as a defining - and immensely satisfying - moment in his life. As children and young adults, Brand protected Rune from both physical and emotional pain, and has been known to secretly punish those who hurt his best friend.[6] Rune jokes that Brand defends his honor.

When they were fifteen years old, the Sun Throne was destroyed in an unsanctioned raid. For most of the attack, Brand was unable to defend Rune from torture and rape. Although Brand saved Rune in the end, ever after he has been particularly intolerant to anyone who exposes Rune to unwanted approaches, flirting, or harassment. One such incident occurred not long after Rune's assault, when the two had moved into the Tower's residence. Dalton, the Tower's son, targeted Rune repeated sexual harassment. After Brand responded violently to Dalton, Lord Tower had the 15-year old whipped and he still bears the scars today.[7]

Brand's education emphasized security, siegecraft, and physical offense and defense. Like other Companions in the Sun Court, Brand was trained by Mayan.

The Last Sun[]

The Sunken Mall[]

The Hanged Man[]


Brand is a skilled fighter and tactician. He is an excellent marksman and sniper, and adept with throwing knives. He also excels at hand-to-hand combat. As a human among magic practitioners, Brand has also developed strategies for distracting and disabling scions and Arcana. Additionally, Brand is a security expert, with a working knowledge of listening devices and other security technologies.

Brand's other skills include dancing, back massages, and dropping the F-word.



Brand has carefully built up an extensive arsenal of weapons, tactical kit, and security equipment. These include:

  • throwing knives and a switchblade
  • expensive obsidian knives, inset with coal and coral
  • a short sword
  • a rifle with locking case
  • a gun with ankle holster and silencer
  • a surveillance drone
  • tracking apps on Rune's phone
  • a World War II battleship


Rune Saint John[]

Brand is Rune's Companion; his protector. They care for each other immensely.


  • Brand is Pansexual, as noted by KD Edwards on his Twitter.


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