Addam Saint Nicholas is a scion of Justice Court. The second son of Lady Justice, his siblings are Christian, Ella, and Quinn.

Appearance Edit

Tanned and freckled, Addam has burgundy eyes and sand-colored hair that he wears in a short pony-tail.[1] He is well-muscled, fit, and over six feet tall. Others consider him very handsome, with beautifully-colored eyes.

A green-brown Celtic tattoo covers his arm and shoulder, with some tattoos visible partly along his waist.[2] Thanks to his love of dancing, Addam has developed callouses on his feet.[3] He speaks with a Slavic accent.

Personality Edit

Addam is charismatic, self-assured, and chivalrous.

Addam has a kind, friendly personality, with the result that he is well-liked by others. He is said to be amorous, with many casual boyfriends and girlfriends.[4] While he also has many friends, he finds it difficult to be especially close to them because so few accept his brother Quinn. Addam is entirely devoted to Quinn above all else, and feels loyalty to those who treat Quinn with thoughtfulness and respect.

As the son of Justice, Addam had an extremely privileged upbringing. He takes advantage of the wealth and opportunities he was born to, sometimes rather ostentatiously, but he also strives to avoid acting entitled. He volunteers and engages in charitable works; he and his brother Christian run a non-profit that puts on free concerts.[5]

Background Edit

Addam was born in Irkutsk, Siberia, after the fall of Atlantis and while New Atlantis was being built. There he developed a Slavic accent, like his mother.[6] As a child, his family went to the Westlands for a week every summer growing up, with the result that loves the region.

Fifteen years ago, Lady Justice gave birth to her youngest son Quinn, who was born sickly and premature. Because she did not bond with the infant, Addam essentially took over his brother's care, raising him. They were inseparable from then on. Five years later, Lady Justice decided that Addam should spend time seeing to family affairs in Irkutsk. Quinn reacted poorly, but was quite adept at wrapping Addam around his little finger. Addam ultimately spent 1/10 of his trust fund to install a private portal so that he could spend the weekends with Quinn at the family estate.[7]

As a devoted music fan, he collects music and related media. He still occasionally occupies rooms in the Justice estate, but Addam also owns an apartment in Edgemere, in a converted church. Together with three other Moral Certainties scions, he started a business called Moral Confidence, LLC in LeperCon.[8]

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Abilities Edit

Magical Abilities

With his Aspect upon him, Addam appears like a medieval knight with glowing armor. In this form, he wields "holy" light. If he carries a weapon, such as a sword, bless-fire will shimmer across the blade.[9]

In sanctums, Addam dances in order to get into the proper headspace for filling sigils.[10]

Items Edit

Addam Magpie Crown

Addam's Aspect, by MagpieCrown

Sigils Edit

  • Platinum discs from the family armory that he wears on his belt
  • A prosthetic hand given to him by Quinn

Relationships Edit

Rune Saint-John Edit

Addam shamelessly flirts with Rune after being rescued by him, teasing him and calling him "hero". After the second incident with the Lich, when he witnessed Rune reliving his traumatic assault, he apologized profusely to him for his forwardness, though Rune forgave him with a kiss on the cheek. Addam believes that they are Tallas.

Quinn Saint-Nicholas Edit

Quinn is Addam's younger brother. They are extremely close, as Addam had basically raised him.

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